The Wild Children of Yesteryear

Outstanding piece in NYT on what American kids were like in the 19th century — eye opening:

“American children of the 19th century had a reputation. Returning British visitors reported on American kids who showed no respect, who swore and fought, who appeared — at age 10 — ‘calling for liquor at the bar, or puffing a cigar in the streets,’ as one wrote…


“There were really no children in 19th-century America, travelers often claimed, only “small stuck-up caricatures of men and women….


“The story of every 19th-century empire builder — Carnegie, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt — seems to begin with a striving 10-year-old. “

Source: Tweets – 1,2,3,4,5



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  1. Yes one great subject, and I did a little research a few year’s ago on this matter with amazing Information on how younger adults behaved and how they blended into the social community. I think this was all about survival for the strongest of the weakest in most poorest sections of this century


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