Here are the current advantages of mobile native apps versus the mobile web, at least as commonly used and deployed today.

Applications often have more mobile-native user interfaces, at least relative to web experiences that have not been extensively adapted for mobile.

Mobile native apps often have better performance than mobile web. This is meaningful given the latency issues with many mobile networks.

Mobile native apps often have better and more complete access to mobile hardware capabilities, This is meaningful given the rapid hardware evolution.

Mobile operating systems have acclimated users to having icons for mobile apps on their home screen versus icons for mobile web bookmarks.

Mobile native apps have easy monetization methods that the web has historically lacked, including in-app payments and recurring subscriptions.

Mobile native apps have access to OS notification feeds that web experiences don’t (or don’t easily).

The $64 billion question: Is there a software breakthrough on the way that will do for mobile what browsers did for desktops/laptops?

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