Today, I said one of those things which ends up being relatively quotable. So here are a few points and elaborations for anyone interested. Warren Buffett is a personal hero of mine. He’s clearly a brilliant investor, business person, philanthropist and humanitarian! Warren is a world-class expert in many areas and in those areas he has forgotten more than I will never know.

But Warren has maintained for decades that he knows nothing about technology and does not seek to know anything about technology. However, that has not stopped him and several other similarly prominent and successful people like him, from opining negatively on Bitcoin. I’m on the record in saying that Bitcoin and more broadly cryptocurrency is one of the most important tech breakthroughs of our time.

When people who don’t understand technology attack new technology, it’s fair game to call them on it. People should know what they’re talking about and I seek to educate those that don’t. To that end, I would be happy to spend as much time with Warren as he wants, teaching him all about Bitcoin. My partners @a16z and I will also continue to write and tweet on the topic with a shared goal of mutual understanding and progress.

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