From the National Post’s recent article – More sovereignty votes: Referendum may see Venice elect to secede from Italy:

“Sunday referendum may see Venice elect to secede from Italy…La Serenissima ‘Most Serene Republic of Venice’ was an independent trading power for 1,000 years before the last leader was deposed by Napoleon in 1797…Campaigners have been inspired by the example of Scotland, which will hold its referendum on independence in September, and Catalonia…Activists say that the latest polling shows that 65% of voters in the region are in favour of cutting ties with Rome… For decades, there has been a deep-seated dissatisfaction in the rich northern regions of Italy with [perceived] inefficient and venal rule from Rome… If it passes, [the region may] start taking steps to withhold taxes, in what would effectively be a unilateral declaration of independence.”

Source: Andreessen’s tweets – 1,2,3,4,5,6


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