Potential gap” equals delta between every person in the world fulfilling full potential in whatever way most suited, vs. today. Think about if every person had access to education, training, nutrition, health care and has the full ability to make maximum contribution in their chosen field.

No coercion. In fact, the opposite to excel at whatever one feels more suited to do. Science, tech, arts, teaching, business, etc. What’s the best way to measure “potential gap” delta in metrics like economic growth, standard of living, rate of advance of science and arts?

These are the stakes we are playing for. This is the big opportunity for the future. This matters more than almost anything else. This is why I reject claims today’s tech industry is not tackling big problems. This is the biggest problem. We are trying to tackle it head on.

How many people on the planet today are in position now to be able to fulfill full potential in chosen fields?

What are the big advances in tech, business, education, health care, other areas, most needed for the next 10, 20, or 30 years?

Bear in mind the great lesson of civilization: Higher economic growth equals more cash available for non-financial-incented activities. So 10-100 times current economy equals at least 10-100 times current funding for nonprofits, arts, social safety net, and everything else we want.

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