What passes for a good press column on Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in early 2014: Our Flawed Financial System is Reflected in Bitcoin.

  • Opening giant photo of physical gold coins that completely misrepresents the topic being discussed — CHECK!
  • Preemptive and condescending sneering that Bitcoin could be useful in any way — CHECK!
  • Nearly willful ignorance about technical specifics about Bitcoin, such as divisibility — CHECK!
  • Handwavy praising of a theoretically far superior system (“Bitnote”) that does not actually exist — CHECK!

And yet, some really good macro points that are worth considering — which is what makes it a good piece on balance. Pieces like this read IDENTICALLY to comparable pieces 20 years ago about the Internet, even the same sequence of points! So fascinating.

Source: Tweets – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7


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