I had graduated from UIUC in December of 1993 and moved to SV in January of 1994. Immediately realized Palo Alto equaled heaven on earth. Mosaic/web grew crazy fast between January of 1993 to December of 1993 yet virtually nobody believed the web would be a consumer medium or business opportunity at the time. So in late 1993, I posted my resume to the Mosaic “About” screen, and got a dozen job offers split between East and West coasts.

My first (and only) job in SV was as a programmer at a wonderful small software/consulting company called EIT. Did early eCommerce work. Two months in, Jim Clark emails me:

I hear you did Mosaic and are in the Valley; let’s get together at 7AM on Sunday at Cafe Verona.

The email caused two immediate thoughts. First, oh my God, the number one entrepreneur in Silicon Valley wants to meet. You bet I’ll be there at 7AM on Sunday. Second, oh my god, I haven’t been up before noon on a Sunday for at least five years. I have to go buy extra alarm clocks! Somehow dragged my rear out of bed and ingested a large quantity of caffeine at 6AM on Sunday and made it to Cafe Verona just in time.

Jim Clark walks in, sits down, introduces himself and says:

I want to start a new company and I’m looking for cofounders.

To be continued…

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