manchinLet’s explore the newly announced positions of American Senator Joe Manchin (D-WVa):

  • Manchin is FOR suppressing pro-consumer and pro-small business innovation in financial services to increase choices, lower fees, and sell globally.
  • Manchin is FOR continuation of 2008-era US financial services industry for the long term; entrenchment of status quo and Too Big To Fail.
  • Manchin is FOR maintaining high credit-card fees for much of American economy, reducing standard of living for many Americans including poor.
  • Manchin is FOR sustaining ~10% remittance fees for hardworking immigrants toiling 60-hour hard labor in US to send money back to families.
  • Manchin is FOR crippling high-job-growth US tech industry in important new field; forcing Bitcoin innovation and jobs to foreign countries.
  • SUMMARY: Manchin is FOR high fees for regular consumers and poor immigrants, 2008’s brittle US financial system, and kneecapping the US tech industry.

Source: Andreessen’s tweets: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7


Bitcoin, politics

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  1. Bitcoin is just a high tech shell-game. Three cheers to heroes like Manchin!

  2. Throughout human history, there has never been a shortage of dim witted, short sighted people who make it their job to try and profit by nay-saying. Joe Manchin is at the top of that pile, even if also at the bottom of the intellectual barrel. Good luck with that Joe!


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