Notes From “World Protests 2006-2013”

“There have been periods in history when large numbers of people rebelled about the way things were, demanding change, such as in 1848, 1917 or 1968; today we are experiencing another period of rising outrage and discontent, and some of the largest protests in world history.”1,2

A quick summary:

  • A steady increase in the overall number of protests every year: from 2006 (59 protests) to mid-2013 (112 protests events in only 1/2 yr).3
  • Main causes of outrage are: Economic Justice, Failure of Political Representation and Political Systems, Global Justice, Rights of People.4
  • Most sobering finding is overwhelming demand, not for economic justice per se, but for what prevents economic issues from being addressed:5
  • Lack of ‘real democracy’, result of peoples’ growing awareness that policy-making has not prioritized them, even when it has claimed to.6
  • Not only traditional protesters (activists, unions) demonstrating; middle classes, youth, older people are protesting in most countries.7
  • # of protests + # of protestors increasing. 37 events had 1M+ protesters; some may be largest protests ever (100M India ’13, 17M ’13).8

Source: Marc Andreessen’s tweets referencing “World Protests 2006-2013”:


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