An Idle Musing on Space

Here’s an idle Friday musing. Unlike many of my contemporaries, although I enjoyed space novels and movies as a kid, it didn’t take the same with me. The common science fiction assumption that people would behave differently in space than they do on Earth always struck me as wrong. Which is why I’m delighted but not enamored with space exploration today. There is so much still yet to do here on Earth.

I think we will get a lot more out of making life on Earth better for the 7+ billion people already here than escaping to other planets. Or, more pointedly, it would be a shame if we just repeat the dysfunctions of human existence on Earth, in space. Which is not to imply that I am not thrilled by what explorers like Elon Musk are doing, I would love to visit Mars when I am 80.

Confirming my nerd status, I have happily watched every hour of Star Trek ever made and so: Live long and prosper, Leonard Nimoy.

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